Do you pay cash or with the credit card?

July 30, 2008 4:28pm CST
I have like 3 cards at 3 different banks but each time i recieve money on them I go take them out and then start spending...maybe it's just the way we are used to do here, but I don't like to pay by card,it takes more time till you write your code and all...not to mention they take some comission for each time you withdraw money so I rather pay that comission once, when I withdraw from the bank,than each time I do some shopping. And last but not least,where is the pleasure of counting your money and see them gathered in your hands on payday,and starting spending them here and there...hehe
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@ashar123 (2359)
• India
27 Aug 08
Its really hard to stop yourself from spending if you have credit card in your pocket. I use cash and ATM Debit Cards.
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
30 Jul 08
Are you referring to a debit card or a credit card. You mentioned receiving money on them?? That is why I am thinking you are talking about a debit card. When I use a credit card they just swipe it I sign and that is it. With the debit card, I need to put in my pin and sign and the money is withdrawn from my bank account. I would rather use cash or a debit card, but I usually do not have the cash money at the time.
@walijo2008 (4647)
• United States
30 Jul 08
I always pay with cash or my bank card, or check, but paying by check is kind of a hassle because it takes too long to write it I don't have any credit cards because I don't want to get into any kind of debt. At least with my bank card, I can only spend what I have in my account, I can't go over.