When is the next time you're getting a new phone and why?

United States
July 30, 2008 7:12pm CST
I think the next time I'm getting a new phone is tomorrow. The reason being is because I need to replace my old one after it got soaked after a water ride in Silver Dollar City.
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@MadaManu (113)
• Romania
31 Jul 08
I will buy me a new phone in a few days. I want to buy an Nokia N96. Beacause? Beacause I had a lot of problems with my old phone, an Nokia 6111. I hope that I will buy this one I will jump over that problems what i had.
@applefreak (3133)
• Singapore
31 Jul 08
i'm hoping that the next time will be 22 august. i've been waiting for the iPhone for such a long time. i didn't want to get those hacked ones so i got to wait for it to be launched in my country. sad to say my country wasn't in the list when it first launched. it seems that there will be another launch on 22 august. i'm crossing my fingers now that my country will be in the list. cheers ;p
@sk66rc (4262)
• United States
31 Jul 08
My next time would be when my current phone breaks or when my current contract expires... From what I understand, it takes about 18 months for the cell. phone providers to make up for the discount you get on the phone... Or at least portion of your bill goes to pay for the discount you have gotten for that long... Ok, each provider is different & this is just an average, general term... Which means the last 6 month of your contract, their profit margin goes up by at least that much... You're still paying same amount each month but they're making more money off of you, or keeping more of the bill for their profit... If you're gonna keep paying same amount for your bill, might as well get a new phone, that's if you don't mind keeping the same provider for another 2 years...
• Philippines
31 Jul 08
I really dont know when but my dad took my phone to give to my aunt who is in the States... I really dont know why they have to do that, phones in the States are cheaper (I think)... So I really dont know when... But I usually get hand-me-down phones... so I guess... I'll have a phone again by the time my father buys his new phone and I'll get his old one... so sad... old phone again... lol
@skaterx (530)
• Finland
31 Jul 08
I'll try to get one when i find something that suits me. but i havent been too interested in phones lately, more interested in getting a newer laptop :o
• India
31 Jul 08
I've been buying a new phone every year for the past three years. Don't think, though, that it's out of my whims altogether. The first one which I had was actually one which my dad had used for four years before that, and after a while the keypad started getting insensitive and unsightly. So I bought a new one, which was a flip mobile. It had a radio and a torchlight but that's the end of the list of the list of features it had. I couldn't even download any ringtone through it. I got pretty bored with it after a year and so I now have this new one which has a set of good features including memory card, bluetooth, audio, video playback and many more. But recently, it's started malfunctioning. It shuts down at unexpected times, like when I'm listening to the radio, or carrying it around in my pocket. I've been to the service centre thrice already, and they've updated the software, changed the battery (which, incidentally, cost me another 280 bucks!) and done some minor changes but the problem still exists. I don't know, but it does seem like it's time for a new one, yet again.