@Olonam (870)
August 1, 2008 2:23am CST
I haven't been able to write for some time now. It's because I've been very busy! Trying to good in the things I do. I'm afraid I will not be able to write for some time. But I will try to write whenever I have free time. Like now, I have some free time! I wrote what I'm doing now in another discussion.
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
1 Aug 08
Yes, I guess I've already seen the other discussion that you've made. But I only read a portion of it; with you writing about you and your dad there in school now with your aunt, am I right? Anyway, if I've got plenty of time a little later, I surely am going to read the whole discussion. I could say that we're in the same boat right now; being busy. It's the time of the month where we (here in the Controllership / Accounting Department) have to prepare and check month-end reports of the company to be submitted to the government agencies. But along with being busy here in the workplace, I'm quite irritated with our internet provider as a couple of times today, my responses to two discussions have been deleted or our system hanged up. As a result, these were not posted and I had to repeat my responses. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to do this at the moment. In addition, in a matter of ten minutes or less, I really have to head home because my husband will definitely look for me and inquire why I'm so late in going home. Anyway, I'll try to respond to more discussions by next week. I still don't have my own computer so I only rely on the company's computer and usage of the internet. So long!
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• China
1 Aug 08
why will that happen,if you love write just write,think so?
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@ruby222 (4848)
1 Aug 08
This is the crux of the matter the writing rakes a lot of time up,and sometimes there isnt that time to spare,there are days when there are a hundred and one other things to do and its hard to fit anything else into that day,if I try to push things in then I get a little tussled,I know that im over stretching myself.
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
1 Aug 08
I hope you do continue to write Olonam. Sometimes that happens. You can lose concentration. Sometimes you just get too busy but it could be a good way to gain better perspective when you do write again. You will find the free time I hope and I wish you a lot of luck. Keep on with the discussions here on this site. Have a great day!