Past secrets,Is it important in a relationship?

@reckon21 (3487)
August 1, 2008 5:09am CST
[i]Because of the past secret, a happy relationship ruined. I don't know whose to blame, the woman who kept her secret? or the man who wants an honest to goodness respect? They were loving couple for 5 years. Until one day, the man of her life whom she loved most discovered her top secret before. She was one of the hottest contact girl in their companies during her college days. If you are a man whom would you prefer, a pretty woman with a huge body? or a woman with an ugly face but blessed with a beautiful body?[em]happy[/em[/i]
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@sunita64 (6473)
• India
4 Aug 08
I feel for the past one should not spoil the present. If now a couple is together and they are devoted to one another so to spoil a relationship because of past secret is foolishness.Being a woman I prefer a loving and understanding partner Physical attributes are secondary.
@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 08
Yes, it's dearest everyone's rights to defend for such negative procreation of admittance, especially someone who you loved. This was caused because we described our partner by only from the good side in one shape. We only accept him/her because we think they're perfect to us, but in positive thought. But what a shame is, nobody's perfect. Because the longer we dive inside the relationship with someone, the more curiosity will be fulfilled, not only the good ones, but also the bad ones -like the one you mentioned about-. It depends on each personality to face such dilemma, -i know it's easier to type "No, it's better he/she told me the honesty. I don't mad because I still love him/her."- But it's not as easy as to mention it out. In the circumstance, we need to buy some times adapting to the situation in accumulating and compounding back our trust to him/her, which had drastically drown down because of the admittance. Else, the relationships will be over right there. Someone's bad-past life had occurred because of many "grayish" reason, either immaturity, psychology and life-needs' pressures, and sort of cause. Even if we judge, we may only bring up those grayish perspectives. Because it's hard to prove whether it's right or wrong. Else, it's forgiven if that person didn't continue the progress for current time or either in future times. A person who decided to end up for such reason, -is his/her own right-. But for more reflection, a self-introspection must be properly determined. "How good you are comparing to the person to whom you judged for?" Everyone did their own mistake, sometimes life isn't as smooth as what we'd expected for. This guy (in your case), if he decided to break up the girl. There must be some other motives/reasons in the past of their relationship's journey. It means, this is not the first-and-only reason. But if he did because of just this reason, -it's his rights-, but thinking about it, IMHO it's a bit selfish -or- he has the reason he himself knew alone. ----- About the outer appearance, either for woman or man: The true beauty is from inside. Flesh may get dry along the age, but inner beauty shines forever for two people's relationship who always look after for it. Emotional treatment is better than outer appearance which has an outdated phase.
@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
1 Aug 08
Secret should be revealed to your love ones before the marriage. Because after the marriage there's no turning back. I would prefer a handsome man who is fat, because there's still a chance that he will reduce in size if he will do exercise.