Kyle Busch

United States
August 1, 2008 1:22pm CST
Why is it that everytime when there is only 5 laps to go Kyle Busch starts being aggressive and spins drivers out? He thinks he can do this to anyone, He has done it many times and NASCAR doesnt do nothing to him? But if Tony Stewart does it to Kyle Busch, he gets black flagged for unnecessary roughness? Kyle Busch does alot of things in NASCAR, He has gotten into many arguments with a lot of other drivers, When is he going to learn not to spin out drivers just to get the win? You know he wouldnt be winning if he wasnt doing this!
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• Canada
26 Aug 08
Kyle Busch is a spoiled brat who has lost any and all respect from all of the other drivers. So at Bristol, when Carl Edwards bumped Kyle and then passed him to win the race, no one will shed tears for Busch. He doesn't even respect the fans with his arrogant attitude. I have told my young son who is an avid NASCAR fan that I don't see Busch winning the championship because other drivers will take him out on purpose or through disregard for him as a driver in the chase. His attitude has made me cheer for anyone but Busch.
• United States
4 Sep 08
Amen! Kyle Busch needs to grow up. Oh sure, it's fine for HIM to bump people or cause them to wreck, but god forbid if someone does it to him. He has no respect for anyone.
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
1 Aug 08
I agree that Kyle is a very aggressive and dangerous driver but I don't think that NASCAR is giving him any special consideration. Right now it's his year but his luck will run out eventually, especially if he keeps driving the way he has been. I root for the Hendrix team and he's screwed up Jeff, Jimmie and Jr a number of times, too, so I'm just waiting for someone to take him out!
• United States
1 Aug 08
I also root for the Hendrix team, They did the right thing by signing JR to the team! JR is a good driver but I think he needs to get rid of his Crew Chief Tony Eury Jr thou.I think that is the reason why he isnt winning because of Tony.
• Ecuador
12 Aug 08
Because Kyle is a spoiled brat who is not sure how to race right. I really don't like him, as nobody in the NASCAR garage does. Even his teammate, Denny Hamlin, somehow ended up being yelled at by Busch. He forced his way out of Hendrick, and as for why he doesn't get flagged, it is because he is the "golden child" for NASCAR as NASCAR sees it. They think that he will be a star, so they give him star treatment.
@DOBryan (33)
• United States
9 Aug 08
Amen I hear ya. He is playing dirty and doesnt get in trouble for it. Look what he did to Jr. in Richmond. Im getting so sick and tired of hearing that name
@drzeuss (130)
• United States
5 Aug 08
At five laps to go? Heh, Kyle Busch turns into Krazy Kyle from green to checker. i agree he is very aggressive. And very annoying at times. But that kid is talented and can race. Has anyone forgotten the Intimidator? Dale didn't get that name 'cause he passed drivers clean every time. Dale saw a way to punt you without crashing himself in the bet he took it. i'm definitely not a Krazy Kyle fan, i stand for Junior, but i will not agree that Nascar is showing favoritism. It is just not happening. Simple as that. Not long ago everyone was screaming that Junior was getting preferential treatment from Nascar. Was he? No.