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August 3, 2008 11:30am CST
If a soothsayer tell you that tomarrow you will be lucky enough to have big amount of wealth tomarrow if you part off with some dollers for him to tell more predictions. Think that earlier the predictions of this soothsayer were correct.
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@DeepGlow (242)
• Indonesia
3 Aug 08
Wow, I didn't know we can change our future by paying someone 'o' If s/he could do that, s/he might as well pay her/himself everyday, then s/he'll be the richest person in the world ^^ Or maybe s/he could ask anyone to pay her/him to give predictions and they can share the profits ^^ Sorry for the joke ^^, but I just don't believe anyone could do that. I know some people have some "unique abilities", but I don't think it's be that powerful.
3 Aug 08
if hes got any backup, no matter where he makes them up from, i dont care if he makes them up, if the ones in the past are correct, yes, i will pay him to tell me more. if it is the first time, i guess he's gonna have to give me a free trial, or money back guarantee, that's how it works.
3 Aug 08
I would promise to pay the soothsayer out of this big fortune he's going to help me acquire. If he won't give credit, it doesn't show much confidence in his own abilities.
@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
3 Aug 08
I would wonder what on Earth a soothsayer was doing in the 21st century and why he would expect anyone to believe him, and tell him to sod off back to medieval times.