the bible gods holy word - gods instruction manual
@jesus777 (664)
August 5, 2008 9:44pm CST
basic instructions before leaving earth jesus gave us the bible as our guide we need too follow his instructions and stand on his word it is like when you are in school and need too study for and exam you need too study and retain the information so you will be able to make a passing grade on the test our test is life and jesus has given us his word to live by we can trust in him and lean on him and sstand on his word at all times but in order to live by the word you have too read the word and pray and ask god to reveaal his word to use he use men and women just like you and i too write the bible and if job ruth david and ester made it in jesus name we are able too make it in jesus name because the bible states in phillipians 4 vs. 13 that we have the ability to do all things through jesus christ who strengthens and empowers us to do it,farther god in the name of jesus christ i lift up your people today and i ask you too stengthen them and empower them give them the strength too stand on your word and apply your word too there daily lives help them to continue too look to you who is the author and finisher of there lives you who knows the beginning the middle and the end of there lives have your way in there lives jesus move by your holy spirit in jesun mighty name i pray amen!!!!
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• Philippines
8 Aug 08
i agree with you,the bible is really send to us as a guide in our lives, to live a Christian life just like what God want us to live.. Bible is complete, you just have to search and read in the bible, like what is stated in Isaiah 34:16, all the informations regarding our salvation is written in here..