why do women wants to get rid with their gray hairs?

August 6, 2008 12:12am CST
my mom will always ask me pull out her gray hairs as soon as i arrive home, i just can't understand why. i get so pissed off by eat, it's making me crazy. it give me a feeling of not being contented of oneself. does your mom ask you to do so? can you ask her why they have to pull it out?
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@3cardmonte (5098)
28 Aug 08
make her do it herself! i have a grey streak in my hair, i have had it since i was about 13 and i have recently decided to grow it out,it doesnt mean i am old i am only 24
@redchase (347)
6 Aug 08
i think gray hairs are beautiful. i think the main reason why everyone wants to hide their gray hairs is because it is a sign of aging, i guess. everyone wants to be young. i dont think i've seen any of the adults that i know "age gracefully" they all have to cover everything up, get touch ups, or surgery. i think the only person i ever saw with gray hairs was my grandmother and i thought she looked beautiful with her gray and black streaked hair in braids. i think shes the only person i know not trying to hide her age.
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
6 Aug 08
Just because there is snow on the roof doesn't mean there ain't a fire in the stove LOL
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
6 Aug 08
If your mom wants to cover her grey hairs so bad why doesn't she use dye instead of plucking them. They always say that if you pluck one, two more grow back in its place. My mom doesn't like her grey hairs as it seems to just be on either side of her ears. Hence why she dyes her hair. Some people are like that. If they don't want to have grey hairs who are we to stop them from going to the measures to get rid of them.
@staci26 (102)
• United States
6 Aug 08
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