doomsday 2012

@arunrg (10)
August 6, 2008 5:59am CST
is our world going to end on dec 2012?.Many religions,calendars and prophecies point to dec 2012 as the end of the world.There is also news about pole shift in 2012.
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@Amanda81587 (3046)
• United States
6 Aug 08
Pole shift? I will have to look that up. Now I am interested.I am not sure about the world ending in 2012 though. But I hope not! I have plans for the future and lots of things to accomplish before my time here is done.
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
29 Sep 08
I am actually very intrested in this subject I have done a lot of research and saw the documentry on national geographic chanell about this date. And I must say it is very intresting but at the same time pretty scary since a lot of people way back then predicted that something will happen on this date which I dont really beleave anything will happen but the day before I know I will be scared about what could happen the next day.
@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
6 Aug 08
I have been hearing this theory from time to time since about a year ago when I viewed some kind of documentary on television. Lately I have been hearing more about this supposed impending catastrophe. It is a little scary to think about. And I have heard about this pole shift, however I am still unclear as to what that actually implies. Let's just hope that life will not end that day and that we can continue.