The new eeePC's from ASUS!

August 6, 2008 6:11pm CST
Hello to all mylotters! I am considering the subnotebook that asus has so generously put into the market recently. Are there any mylotters out there that have used it or even owned one? I'm specifically looking to purchase the 901 model and will place the order friday if all goes well. Any experiences? Also, what do you think of subnotebooks and umpc's? Waste of money or a convenience?
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@jep_toyo (1607)
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
my friend has one and he's not happy with it... I told him that he should have bought a desktop pc or laptop instead of a notebook. it's a waste of money i think... it's not powerful enough for me compare to my pc or a laptop. One more thing... check out the memory that come's with that notebook... it's memory isnt enough to house all my music files. I dont know about the others but i dont like it...
• Canada
7 Aug 08
Yeah when you get it stock it doesn't have much in it. Fortunately I've come across a solution that will get me a normal laptop HD to fit in there and have as much space as I'd like whether it be 80GB 60GB 160GB etc etc. :)
@rsa101 (16193)
• Quezon City, Philippines
7 Aug 08
Well for me that usually downloads large files and install software this laptop is not for me since I do not have the necessary disk space as they have a very limited disk space to make. Although they have provided that extra usb and other readers to accommodate extra storage capcity but I think it a regular laptop would do for me as I need a large disk storage space. Although basically I am with impress withthe way they connect to the net via wifi. It is fast and simple to connect with any WIFI signal.
@Spoonty (31)
• Algeria
7 Aug 08
I'm considering getting one of these as well for school. I would say go have a look on ebay. Ive tested them out at the shop and they're quite nice.