BREAKING NEWS: Paris Hilton mocks McCain in a new ad

United States
August 6, 2008 11:45pm CST
I think that this is pretty hilarious...I was flipping the channels when I stopped at the tv guide channel and saw paris hiltons new ad against john mccain for using her in an ad about barack obama...I'm almost positive its on youtube already so check it out and tell me what u think of it and if who's campaign it hurts the most
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@slothgurl (572)
• Enumclaw, Washington
7 Aug 08
I was so busy laughing when she started talking about "the wrinkly old white-haired guy" I really didn't pay attention to anything else! I don't think it would hurt anyones campaign, and she sure looked cute with her little pigtails! #:)
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@Taskr36 (13923)
• United States
7 Aug 08
I really didn't consider it mocking. It was just funny. She referred to him as a wrinkly old white dude, but then, he is old, white, and kind of wrinkly so I wouldn't call that insulting or mocking. Though satirical, I thought it was a mature and well put together piece. There appeared to You'll notice that she wisely chose not to endorse either candidate and simply stated an energy policy that's been brought up by many news analysts throughout this election. Either way, we have too many angry people right now. We needed something to lighten the mood and she provided that.
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