I was falsy accused,and it cost me a job!

United States
August 8, 2008 7:14am CST
Okay,first I wanna say that I am pretty realistic (most of the time). But, lately I am wondering if possibly there is a black cloud above me! I have had the worst luck. One of the most recent things that have gone terribly worng happened about a week ago. I am a stay at home mother. And I decided to get a small temporary position in a local company, for a couple extra dollars. I have recently moved and would like to add some money to my homes renovation. Anyway, so I found this temp job locally and decided to apply. Well, everything was going fine until it came time to get the results of my pre-screening urine test. I was speechless .The results said that I was positive for a drug! A very strong street drug at that! Now, I dont use drugs in any form or shape. I am actually in recovery for some years now. I asked for a retest which they did with no problem ,and that came back the same! Now, I dont know what made me more upset.The fact that I was now not able to get the job,or the fact that it seemed like I was on drugs and be accused of it! I thought about this for a while and I think what was worse was that it really hurt to be accused of something like that after doing so good for so long. It really felt horrible to that no matter what I did I couldnt prove myself. Did you ever gat falsy accused of anything and how did it turn out.If you couldnt prove yourself right,how did you feel?How do I just let this go?
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• Philippines
8 Aug 08
Hi there marlena! I may not really have any explanation to what happened to you. I mean, the results of the test. Perhaps, you just need to undergo another test or something. With regards to your question, yes, I have been accused of doing things that I did not do. It feels bad to be falsely accused of something you did not do. And what is more frustrating is when people seem to doubt you when you explain your side. Sometimes, I would just think that for as long as I know the truth and I can prove it, I will be fine and I will just dismiss whatever other people think. It's hard but it's harder to think about what you should not even be guilty of.
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
Thank you for the BR marlena!