Does the Noise in the pipes scare you at times!!?!!

Noise in the pipes. - does the hising noise in the pipes scare you at times, it did to me! i listened to the soft whispers frm the pipes , felt as if someone was calling me out. Scary :(
August 8, 2008 8:48pm CST
Yesterday night while i was brushing my teeth before going to bed i heard a kind of hissing noise comming from the pipes, it took the daylights out of me or rather the night lights out of me, lol. Each time after water passed through the pipes i got a response from the pipes. It was as if somebody was whispering something so softly into my ear, it sent a chill down my spine. I have never heard or experianced something like that before. I cant explain but it was really wierd feeling that i got when i heard the noise. Has it ever happened to you and were you scared, coz i was!!??!!
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@dragon54u (31638)
• United States
9 Aug 08
Oh, yes! I used to hear all kinds of noises in the houses I lived in at night and it scared me. When I was growing up, we always lived in old houses with a lot of noises that spooked me. Even newer houses I lived in as an adult always had some sort of noise like your pipes, or settling, that scared me. I have odd noises in the house I'm in now but this is the most wonderful place and I feel so totally at home, since the moment I first walked through the door to look at it, that nothing scares me here. There are noises and sighs, little dings and pops, but it's nearly 90 years old so that's to be expected. They don't scare me though. It's strange, because even though I'm an adult I can be spooked easily. But not here.
@CrazCo (409)
• Canada
9 Aug 08
No, haha! I am sure it would; however, my room is right beside our waterpump and I hear it EVERY night - I know the sound off by heart so i would instantly recognize it. I almost wish it would scare me: I love being scared, not so much during the time I am, but the time afterwards where it makes an excellent story to tell people!