Did I Just Shoot Myself in the Foot?

August 9, 2008 4:32pm CST
I was hired to help out a more senior accountant. But a while back, I got my own projects to handle. My co-worker is a real go-getter and volunteers for things even if she can't handle our shared workload alone. Most of the time, I end up getting dumped on to do the more tedious work. A few days ago, I finally had it and declined her twice in 2 days. The first one was to deposit 1 check. We were equally busy and since she got handed the check (and I did the previous deposit), I flat out said "No, I need to finish this thing I'm working on." The following day, she asked me to review templates that she did for accuracy. I just didn't see the need to do it because we all review our own work. And I was still busy. So I told her, "Look, I already agreed to do these other stuff you asked me to do, and I really don't feel like reviewing all the templates you just did. You'll be fine." The thing is, we share the cubicle with another more senior accountant and she didn't seem to take my attitude very well. She kept saying "I would have no problem helping you out" even when she wasn't asked. Should I have just kept my mouth shut and took on the work that was being passed onto me?
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@sudalunts (5526)
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9 Aug 08
No, because if you fall behind because of helping her out, then you will be the one reprimanded. I also was in accounting, cash applications. I was laid off from that job one month ago. The problem I had was I was always asked to stop what I was doing to do something that maybe the billing department should have done, or whenever there was something questionable on the aging the supervisor always wanted me to investigate what it was, even if it may have been a CM or DM that billing had done. That would put me behind sometimes. She stopped me to do things for her. Well, in the end she said that I was performing my job unsatisfactory, and I was laid off, because she said there was no other position open that I could fill. Do your own job, if you have the time I would say help out, because it will surely come back to bite you.