Why is it so difficult for men to admit they are sick?

United States
August 10, 2008 6:37am CST
My s/o has not been feeling well since last night and I'm pretty sure he has pneumonia! Just being next to him I know for sure he has a temperature but he won't let me get near him with the thermometer. He was up all night coughing and wheezing and got very little sleep. He quit smoking a week ago and since I've been through it before ending up with the same symptoms and pneumonia I want him to go to emergency at the local hospital. But of course he keeps saying he's not sick!!! Do you find the same problem with most men? Why won't they just say they are sick and get themselves taken care of? What's the big deal?
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• India
10 Aug 08
i think the possible reason to your son's activity was some men usually don't like to say when they are suffering and they also don't need the help of others to take care of, especially if they don't like to share information to a parent.
@trexhero (103)
10 Aug 08
I am a man and although I don't often admit to being ill it is generally the opinion in Britain at least that men are far more likely to fake illness or make it sound like its really so much worse so that when they manage to do something when desperately ill they seem more manly for having done so. I guess I dont often get ill but I will admit when I am so that I can get help its just being normal really.