An Updated Parable

United States
August 10, 2008 9:54am CST
Jesus spoke of a man who was robbed,stripped, beaten, and left to die lying in a ditch. A Priest wandered by and stepped clear of the wounded man laying in the ditch for the Priest could not become defiled but was. A Levite also passed by and did the same thing as the Priest for a similar reason you see the Levite needed to be blessed by the Priest and could not arrive defiled. The victim was bleeding and the blood would defile the members and the service. In many cases this event happens everyday all around the world, and instead of helping the victim, many people abuse the victim. After all a true Christian is saved by grace and the rest of us in the world, we have to deal with it. So a Christian can kick the victim lying in the ditch dying and the Christian is still saved by grace. How many people have been hurt by this twisted logic applied to and by many people who claim to be Christians? Some how a false belief has spread in and through the teachings of the religious to cut off the help that those in need have. Instead of helping the poor along with those who tell the truth and are suffering from abuse, religion has become a house of profit, more financial gain for the wealthy the elite of the world are given more power as a blessing of evil, a curse to the good. Jesus tells us that a Samaritan came along and helped the man lying there dying in the ditch, my understanding is that the Samaritan and the victim were historical enemies, this was unthinkable to attend to the wounds and help a person who is known to be an enemy, a neighbor, a victim and yet we are called by Jesus to help others. We are to treat others our neighbors as we wish to be treated. Did I enjoy being kicked, emotionally wounded by Christians? Do I want to see others treated as I've been treated? There is one cure, we need to stop the spread of the disease of Religion where hatred is fostered and allowed to grow, this hatred promoted by leaders that will not listen to, or expose the truth. We need to hold our authorities accountable and expose when they have abused the system and others. There must be a way to analyze and fix the broken condition of our world. To begin with we should take a look at those institutions that promote false beliefs. What other methods can you think of? I believe in Peace and Blessings With Peace we are Blessed I've been violated and cursed by Church Women and Men
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@sarkar1 (336)
• India
20 Aug 08
Mahatma Gandhi once said "Religion is a human institution made by human ingenuity to solve practical affairs as well as spiritual matters". It is imporatnt to be good, but it is more important to be good in an unbiased way. Example- I was reading a story, in which the following scenario took place. A young beautiful woman is standing on the street, suddenly she becomes unconscious and collapses; large groups of people come to help her, they help her to stand up and give her water. The next day, a pauper with a tacky appearance, who has only one leg is walking down the same street using his worn out cruches, suddenly he slips and falls down, but this time nobody comes. People ignore him as if he does not exist. Does our conscious choose our actions!!!!!!!!!
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
10 Aug 08
I recall a wise man said: "My religion is kindness." I feel it was very well said. I agree that it takes so little effort to produce evil in this world. Not to mention religions that are presented in a distorted form and made to justify terrorism. It seems to be a strong emotional force that drives people into hate and more hate resulting in a domino effect of ill effects and violence. It seems money, power and technology will not solve the problems of the world... As you mentioned: "institutions that promote false beliefs". Perhaps people affected need to learn what is right and perhaps force a new leadership? (with zero or minimal anarchy). Cheers :)
• United States
15 Aug 08
I really think it is time to tear down the institution that robs the Earth of so many resources... Have you ever accounted for all the resources consumed by such organized institutions of religion? Think about it for a minute or two, I'm sure my points will become very clear... How many churches promoting a false belief do exist? Should they? What would GOD say?