Do you believe in life after death? I think i'll be back..........

United States
August 11, 2008 1:35pm CST
I believe i'll be back eventually once i die. I try to be good because i need to see my 2 1/2 yr. old granson in heaven and then i think i'll be back here on earth. Because of all the troubles i have now and have had i think my life will be better. It feels like sometimes when i go somewhere or see something that i know that i haven't seen, deep inside it's like i know that from somewhere but i just can't figure it out. What do you think?
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@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
11 Aug 08
I do believe in the Lord and would like to think that that will be my final place to go. There have been times in my life though that I have wondered if there is an after life. I still cannot be sure of that. I have heard of television shows and books that have people who believe in reincarnation. You know there is one thing I have in common with what you said. Sometimes I will go somewhere that I couldn't have been before and it feels like I knew the place from another time and I think it is a little strange.
• United States
11 Aug 08
i know that is a strange feeling and when you tell that to someone they just look at me like i'm strange-lol. But i think there is something after this life. Thanks for responding.
@abhaijith (2961)
• India
12 Aug 08
I do believe in it.
@skenthal (1022)
• Turkey
11 Aug 08
you say reincarnation i think exactly :) i used to believe in reincarnation when i was small i dont know why but by the time changed my opinions also changed i also think that reading the kuran had a big effect on that anyway i dont believe in reincarnation anymore i think that we will all go to heaven or hell after life so i should be counted as classic thinker but thats what i think and believe in :) i cant do anything about that :D