Which is better?

@Corimore (249)
United States
August 11, 2008 9:53pm CST
Which do you prefer, Dish Network, Direct TV, or good old fashioned cable. Why do you like your choice better? Have you tried the others, what were your problems if any?
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@poona_m (336)
• India
13 Aug 08
I am in India and this is a nation full of uncertainties. There is no guarantee that I will get power supply when I need it the most. There is no guarantee of getting good drinking water in my tap. And when it comes to televisions I have no guarantee I would get proper signal. If I have a local cable operators service connection then I am asking for all the troubles I can. He would put more connections on each amplifier than what is rated. He would never attend any of my complaints, the signal would be very poor and since he would not be having good back up power, every time the power is down I would not get to watch anything on my television even I have a UPS at my home. These are the reasons why I prefer DTH network than cable tv. The DTH service assures you of high quality signals. DVD quality sound and CD quality pictures are a joy to watch. the complaints are attended to promptly and the service is very good. Even if the power is down in my area I can watch my favorite programs on television as long as I have back up power at my end. and above all it is not affected by heavy rains, snow or cold. I get the same quality of signal all around the year.
@know21 (1251)
• United States
12 Aug 08
I prefer the old fashion cable TV. I had Dish network and I liked what my bill was, but I didn't like it going out all the time during a storm. Sometimes the clouds would even block the reception. I'm happy with my cable. Now only if they would lower there prices. I would twice as happy