Is really there only ONE love of your life?

August 12, 2008 2:39pm CST
People usually say there's only one that you call the real love of your life, that one you'll never forget even if you get marry to someone else. Well, I think I'll never forget my first love, but I can't say he was the love of my life although he was my first boyfriend... That's what I feel about my boyfriend :) How about you? What do you think about that? Is there only one person who you can call the love of your life or you think you could meet another one who would make you feel the same way?
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• India
12 Aug 08
i dont feel the same way. yes its difficult to 4get your first love but he cant be your only love. u need to open your heart again after your break up and you will find million people dying to fall in love with you and your smile.
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• United States
12 Aug 08
I dont think your "first love" and your "only love" is the same thing. Yes, I will never forget my first boyfriend, or my first love ( I say both of those because I wasnt in love with myfirst boyfriend, but my second boyfriend I was), but I dont consider them as my ONLY love. I consider my husband my only love. The only one That has touched my heart so deeply and made me so completely happy, that I cannot picture living the rest of my life without. Someone who accepts me totally for who I am, that has shown me the true meaning of love and HOW to love someone fully, unconditionally, and whole heartedly, the one ONLY one that has broken down all my trust barriers and made them come crashing down to let him in and trust him and love him with every fiber in my body, the only one I picture spending the rest of my life with, the only one that I love and trust enough to bare his children. So do I think there is only one person out there that you can call the real love in your life... YES! But it is not always your FIRST love. I look at every past relationship I have had as a learning experience and stepping stone to finding that one true love that I have found today. Does this all make sense? Dawn L.
@Bluepatch (2480)
• Trinidad And Tobago
12 Aug 08
I'm 57 years old and so far there has only been one real love in my life. Maybe if I tried harder I would have had more but I really only want this one anyway. She's gone now but I did truly love her alone.