Best flexible hour online job

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August 12, 2008 6:58pm CST
I am looking for an online job to earn some income. I would like some suggestions from you guys. It has to be one of those any time I want jobs. They also have to not require tax info or background checks because I am under 18. I was thinking to become a chacha guide (texting service where you answer questions that people have texted over the phone.) I would answer questions on my time and I get paid by the hours I spent on. That would be so perfect but they require you to be 18 (I could just say that I was but they don't let you join without tax info.) I want a job with work on your time options, free to sign up, not scams, and you do not have to compete for jobs like I know some freelance websites make you do. I know that that may be hard to find but I have one advantage I will work for 2 dollars an hour. Don't say mylot because I can not generate that much. I have seen online operator jobs where when people have a question with something on the site they click on the button and then it opens up a chat room with you. The problems are that I can only find ones where you talk over the phone or skype but never text. I also think that you have to work scheduled hours. I know the options are narrow but I will be open to any suggestions with flexable hours. Just please post links and not just ideas if you can. Thanks for reading and good luck.
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@valeria1 (2723)
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23 Aug 08
I am using another forum like myLot and you get paid 2 cents per response, it is not with this visual because they are newer, but many myLotters are there, so you can check my profile, top right is where the site is! Good luck to you!
• United States
13 Aug 08
Here is a program that you can receive cash in the mail on a regular basis. Cash gifting is tax free too. Have you ever received money for your birthday, graduation, or any other special occasion? You did not pay taxes on that. You can receive up to 22K in cash gift, I believe that is the amount, without having to pay taxes. Check out my website to learn more. I encourage you to research the program. The team I'm on actually gives you tools, advice and books to download for free in order to be successful in the cash gifting business.
@snowy22315 (54643)
• United States
13 Aug 08
I'm sorry I cant think of anything for you. There is a forum called gather where you can make 5 to 25 dollars a week if you get 3000 points, then you can switch to a cash option. You might need to be 18 for that though. I am not really sure what you could do. It really depends on what you are willing to do and what options are open. I would think most of the real jobs you would have to be eighteen.