How may of you plan to have a vacation from mylot?

August 12, 2008 8:26pm CST
I have read some postings here telling that they need a break because of so many reasons. Yes, I agree, we all need a break. From mylot? well, i did it sometimes but just in the week end or 3-4 days and then come back. So, when I;m bored I just go off for few days and then come back. It makes you feel excited when you do that way.. To those who are planning to have a vacation, good luck and don't forget to come back.
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@rsa101 (16190)
• Quezon City, Philippines
13 Aug 08
I already did that last year. I slowed down and there were times I was not here at all for the whole month. I only recently started coming back in here last December and till this day I started enjoying my way back in here. I think we need to have some break at one point in time in here. When I stopped doing mylot it did good again when I finally returned back in here and I think I got re-energized posting and replying to post in here. True enough I got payouts almost every other month when I started last January.
@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
13 Aug 08
oh really? so, it helps us to re energize when we have a break!! that is testimony and I believe it is true. sos, that is the best thing to do when we feel like we are bored. Just have a break... it is better than complaining.. lol.
• Philippines
3 Sep 08
did it really help to have a little break? I think it sure help.
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
hi celestial! i also take a break from myLot once in a while. after all, myLot is not everything we do in our life right? and when you do something everyday, every minute, every hour, you would really get tired of it. its good to take breaks because it refreshes your mind and yes, it makes us feel excited to go back and do what we do here again. ^__~ i have taken a lot of breaks from myLot these past months. i'm not planning on taking a break yet again. i am actually planning to spend more time here in the coming weekend and the holidays. after Saturday and Sunday, we'd have a two-day more vacation, Monday and Tuesday. i hope i can do a lot here during those times.
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• Philippines
3 Sep 08
ell, you can do ti if you will focus doing it positively.. good luck.