do you believe in life after death?

August 14, 2008 4:12am CST
recently when I start thinkin' about the life, for sure there's will be an end. yes, the long road will be ended with a deadend eventualy. but I feel my brain stop working when god said that dead body will be surely awakend at the end of the time. make me believe in this by the easiest way..
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
14 Aug 08
Most definitely! There has to be more to life than life itself and as far as I am concerned, we all are given the opprtunity to re-live multiple lives until such time as we have earned the ability to be with God. It is an ongoing test that we have to pass before we are considered worthy.
• United States
16 Aug 08
But what if we are already 'worthy'? What if we are in fact the sensory apparatus of 'God' here on the physical plane, leading All That Is into the continuum of eternity called the future with our moment to moment choices? What if God follows our lead and not the other way around??? What if this planet is the perfect place for budding gods to practice and develop their creatorship skills? What would you do then? Would you look around for a set of rules created by others out of their own fear to apply to your life hoping to earn the privilege of being that which you already are? I think not.
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
God created man to have freewill in this earth. He can choose what is right and what is wrong and so if he die he has two choices , go to hell or go to heaven.
@CrazCo (409)
• Canada
19 Aug 08
No, not even for a second. People who do believe in it I think should really assess it and realize just how ridiculous it sounds. I mean they think you're "soul" lives on and somehow gets transmitted into an alternate place where you live forever. I am not buying it. I think when we die, we die. It is truly as simple as that. Our neurons will stop working ceasing all thought processes that we experience and our body will either be cremated or left in a casket. Basically our brain just shuts down. People often claim this to sound too harsh. But was it harsh the billions of years you didn't exist? No. So you'll manage.