Romulus police bring drug dealers to Westland, MI

@vivasuzi (4122)
United States
August 14, 2008 12:04pm CST
Here's the story: Basically, Romulus police set up a drug bust outside of a local Westland grocery store. This store is very busy and my parents, who live nearby, go there almost 2 times a week. They set it up for 3:30, dead set in the afternoon, when surely people would be shopping. It went bad, the 5 guys buying the drugs pulled out guns with intention to steal the drugs, and there were something like 11 cops ready with guns as well. One suspect was shot dead, another ran into the grocery store after he got shot, scaring everyone and making all the customers and employees try to run and hide. Someone was even in the parking lot RIGHT NEXT to this (as the story states). Can you imagine if you, say, had a baby in a stroller during this? Or if you were older and couldn't jump down to the ground? How could our police bring this danger to a public place like this? First of all - if this is a Romulus problem then why the heck did they bring it to Westland? Second of all - why would you let the drug buyers choose a very populated intersection and store? Finally - how could you let all this go down without feeling the need to warn the citizens? Can you imagine that guy sitting there waiting for his girlfriend, the whole time cops sitting there KNOWING what is about to go down, and they couldn't even tell the guy that he might want to leave? Ok, so they say "it went bad" but you know what - it's a drug bust - it's going to involve guns no matter what. What do you think you are going to hold your badge up and the 5 criminals would say "ok, my bad, arrest me". NO! Even if it "went good", they would still run, and probably shoot, once they knew you were cops. Do your drug busts in empty warehouses like they do on the movies and stop putting helpless citizens in unnecessary danger!
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