Owwwwwww - that hurts!

August 14, 2008 4:20pm CST
Hey everybody - how you all doing? I haven't been around much the last few weeks and believe it or not, I have missed you all. Firstly, we went on holiday with the whole family (inlaws, outlaws, 1x aunt and us (x5) - 10 in total so a regular crowd. What fun that was, a week in the sun and on the beach. Then we came home and spent a week running around the UK with my folks, then they left and now we have the inlaws staying til the end of the month. OK, now to the OW part. The day my folks left us, I climbed onto my daughters new mid-sleeper to put the sheet onto it for her and as I leant over to hook the fitted sheet, the base of the bed tilted up and tiped me onto the floor. I believe I landed with a lound thump. Mum in law thought someone had fallen through the roof! I came around to find a paramedic leaning over me attaching a neck collar and asking me if I remembered the party - what party was my response! They rushed me to hospital in an ambulance (never done that before!) to check me over. In the end I had a badly sprained neck, badly sprained left wrist (which got splinted), a fractured/cracked rib and a great big scab next to my right eye. They thought I'd get a black eye too but it never materialised - thank goodness. Now, my question to you is - what is the worst injury you have ever done to yourself - and lived to tell the tale. Later all Violetdreams
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@gemini_rose (16194)
15 Aug 08
Oh my goodness, you were lucky! I have never been rushed to hospital before thank goodness. To tell you the truth, I cannot recall any injury that I have ever had that was really bad! Well at least you did it after your holiday and not before, so you got to enjoy your holiday before bungee jumping off the bed!
@jillhill (37383)
• United States
14 Aug 08
When I was little I fell out of a tree....it tore my clothes off...ripped my stomach and arm open and the scars are still there! When I was older I tripped over a chain that was a barricade to a parking lot....I caught my toe and calapulted over the chain.....and slid for about five feet on asphalt tearing my pants up....with such force that my nylons underneath were even ripped to shreds....I didn't break anything but most of me was bruised!