Finnish Bread?

United States
August 14, 2008 6:46pm CST
I met some people while in Tampa a few years back and we hit it off pretty well and they invited me up to have a drink. They were from Finland and one of their delicacies is this byeond Pumpernickel Bread that they just eat. They eat this bread, and they don't offer water. I had to ask fo water. It tasted like, field fresh bread. It was like they took all the ingredients for bread and then added sand and grit, and saw dust, and a dash of pencil clippings for flavor. This desciption does not do the bread justice. I did such a good job of holding my natural gag reflex that I had to eat seconds, "Oh yummy, lucky me, you've got more of this this this and in such ready supply too. How did you get this through customs?" Have you ever eaten a food and pretended to like so as not to offend someone? What was it? What did it taste like?
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@gemini_rose (16194)
15 Aug 08
LOL that bread does not sound very nice, I have heard of it but never tried it. I do not know how you managed to eat it if you did not like it. I cannot eat something I do not like no matter who made it or gives it to me!
@snowy22315 (55875)
• United States
15 Aug 08
I've hd pumpernickle bread and it is not my favorite but it does taste pretty good. I guess the finnish bread you had must have been something else. I do really like most foods and if I try some I dont like I jsut dont eat any more after I ahve tasted it.