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@RobinJ (2501)
August 14, 2008 10:20pm CST
Good evening I tried to figure out how to set up its to confusing and I wanted to discuss something my Doctor told me today. I had blood work done last week and part of the test was my cholesterol levels, They came back perfect my doctor said she wants to copy them and show her other patients that there is a real living breathing person who has perfect levels. My question to you is what is a perfect level, I saw two different numbers one was 3.02 and the other was 1.03. I know one is high and one is low, but most people assume I have high levels as I am overweight, almost every time I go to the pharmacy they advise me they are having cholesterol lowering information seminars and would I like to sigh up. How about you
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@Grandmaof2 (7604)
• Canada
15 Aug 08
Yes those are good numbers and close to what mine are. According to your picture I'm a lot heavier than you and I have good cholesterol levels. I'm not sure how the number system works but I do know anything under a 4 is good. I told my doctor my levels are good for two reasons. Although I am overweight I do not eat junk food and I take my garlic faithfully. The response was short, "Garlic is good." Doctors never like to admitt that but it's a whole lot better than taking a handful of medication.
• United States
24 Aug 08
Just because you are over weight does not mean you have high cholesterol. We get cholesterol two ways one is by eating it in meats and one is our body making it. One is HDL and LDL. I do not know much from that.
@weemam (13389)
15 Aug 08
Well done you pal , I have never had mine tested , I don't know if I want to know or not lol :) xx
@checapricorn (16069)
• United States
15 Aug 08
Hi Robin, I have no idea about this..I hope you will be getting valid explanation from other members who have an experienced! or any medical people out here!
@CatsandDogs (13964)
• United States
15 Aug 08
I don't consider weight to be a factor in one's cholesterol levels being high or low for everybody is different. I weigh about 160. and have high cholesterol which I'm on medication for. I'm not overweight too much but still, I am a little bit but it's not the reason for my high cholesterol. Now maybe the pharmacy is just giving that information out to anyone who wants to know about cholesterol so they can watch what they eat. Not everyone has the sense in knowing what to eat and not eat.