1 dollar PTC is that a scam?

August 15, 2008 1:24am CST
A few weeks ago, one of the mylotters post an article to earn more money by a site. I don't want to mantion his name. He wanted to PM him and request for the link. He said it is giving $5 to $1 for every single click and he made $1000 from them. Many mylotters collected the link from him including me and signed up there. A few days ago, I came to know from a site that, 1 dollar PTC site is a sure scam site. Then I searched to get a payment prof of the site. But I couldn't find any. Now please tell me any of you know this site that, it really pays. Otherwise my entire earning will be ruined.
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15 Sep 08
the site just paid off its members today. the members who got paid were the ones who requested their payouts last july. read the terms and conditions carefully. This is the first time the the site paid off its members. anyone who claimed that they requested earlier and never got paid is lying. point of advice: you dont have to see anything as proof for you to believe, its your belief that will make anything true.
23 Sep 08
what about bux.to???
@luneliza (197)
21 Dec 08
As far as I'm concerned, I can't even access the links cause I get an error message.
@jakes9 (215)
• India
27 Dec 08
ya, even i joined this site, i searched many other sites to find out if it was a scam or not, but there is a 50% chance that it is a scam. No one clearly knows about it. Even Im confused and want help. please someone find out that is the site worth giving our time to?
• Philippines
10 Jul 11
yea,, I'm a member also but til now I dont get any...
• United States
12 Jul 09
I don't know about you guys. But has anyones antivirus detecters blocked stuff when accessing this site. Not all the links pull one up but I have had a few. Also, when I go to paid the fastest.com every time I log in something gets blocked. Just figured I let everyone know.
@cpersam (42)
• United States
1 Jan 09
(sorry if this ends up posting twice) I'm beginning to think this is a SCAM. I requested payout in November which by their terms should be paid in January. Every day I log in to check the status; today it says I requested payout Dec, 2 and was paid Dec, 2. I doubt I'll see that 50.00.