foods for better immunity

August 16, 2008 6:20am CST
oranges,yogurt,tea,and pumpkin seeds are the order of the day when it comes to giving your immune system a is how these four superfoods help:1.oranges are chock-full of vitamin c,which helps your immune system fend off disease-causing invaders;2.yogurt contains lactobacilus acidophilus--a healthy bacterium that helps thwart fungus-related infections;3.tea is full of flavonoids,powerful vitamin-like subtances that reduce immune-system aging;4.pumpkin seeds--they contain zinc,a nutrient that is been shown to help reduce the average length of the common cold. Your immune system is responsible for helping fight of everything from the common cold to cancer.A tall order!
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• Malaysia
16 Aug 08
Thanks for sharing this info. I do eat some of the food mention aboe. I make my own yoghurt. I eat fruits and vegetables everyday. The immune system is very important and I know of some people who spend a lot of money to buy health food for their immune system. Health is wealth and without good health a person cannot nake money or even enjoy their wealth.