Affirmative Action

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August 17, 2008 10:44pm CST
Is affirmative action fair? Should it be repealed? Or does our nation still need laws to protect minorities? I would just like to hear some other people's opinions on it.
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18 Aug 08
I am going to get into SO much trouble for this. I think Affirmative Action was a great idea when it was passed into law. Qualified people weren't getting jobs or into school because of their skin color, and less qualified people were taking their place. But now the same thing is happening, in reverse! That's also not fair. I know that in many cases there are minorities who don't have access to the good schools or good teachers or whatever - but shouldn't we be trying to correct it instead of make allowances for it now? There's no reason that the education ANYONE gets should be less than that of another person simply because of where they live. But we're not fixing the base problem. I also think that race as a question on job or school applications shouldn't exist. If you need to know the percentages of different people attending school, poll AFTER school starts. Then we can get a proper representation and possibly identify the problem areas so that we can fix them where they start. I know racism is still out there, but we also have other laws in place to prevent people from not being hired or accepted into school based on the color of their skin - I think it's time for affirmative action to go.
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19 Aug 08
I completely agree. I think that what is happening now is reverse discrimination. America is suppose to be about equal opportunity, but affirmative action is enforcing equality of outcome. It isn't fair that someone with lower sat scores and lower gpas get into college above someone with higher scores and grades just becasue he/she is a different race or gender. I mean the people who are having the unfair advantages weren't even around for the wrong doings that affirmative action is suppose to correct. Is it right to punish people for their ancestors wrong doings?
@Latrivia (2889)
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20 Aug 08
Well while the intentions behind affirmative action are admirable, you can't help but deny it's just another form of discrimination. With affirmative action, minorities are getting government enforced aid to get things which they may or may not be as qualified for as another person. It places them on a pedestal, and it's as if to say, "You can have X amount of people of whatever race you choose, but you have to have at least X amount of this race, and X amount of this race." It's a rather unfair setup. People should earn things based on merits, not minority status. I personally think it should be done away with.