one egg in the hand is worth 6 on the floot.... :)

@arkaf61 (10882)
August 18, 2008 10:39pm CST
Hubby, my mom and I, were talking about things that happened a long time ago at dinner table tonight. Some I still remembered, some it didn't matter if I remember they are always fun to hear. This time it was the egg story.I remembered parts of it, but not the whole thing - I guess I blocked my participation on it LOL WHen I was dating hubby he used to spend quite some time in our house. My parents liked him and he was always welcome and invited for lunch or diner. One such day he was helping out making diner with us and we needed an egg. He was going to get one out of the fridge when my mom remembered she had a boiled egg mixed in there. SHe was always ready for a joke so she took the boiled egg out and dared him to let in fall down. Of course he didn't want to. The egg would brake, make a mess and wouldn't be usable, but my mom kept daring him to do it until he finally dropped it. Oooops, wrong egg, the one he dropped was a normal uncooked egg and of course made a mess on the floor. My mom was puzzled but she was so sure about the boiled egg, that went to the fridge, took another one and handed it back to him to drop. Ahhhh... wrong one again.... now my mom was really surprised and couldn't stop, she kept giving him eggs to drop while he was messing up the whole floor and both of them were laughing.After the last egg - also not the boiled, they both looked at me. I was in by the sink, holding something in my head and laughing my head off. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even speak. When they looked at me, I opened my hand and showed the boiled egg that I had picked up from the fridge just minutes before. We were laughing for a while even while we were cleaning the mess we had made. Since we had no more eggs hubby went out to buy some more and we got back to cooking , but till this day we always remember this as the egg day. Did you have any silly things happening when your boyfriend/girlfriend visited? DId you parents liked him/her?
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@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
19 Aug 08
One of my hubbies memories is of when the girl next door (me) invited him over for pizza as her mom the nurse was working a double shift so she was to fix a pizza for dinner. Her dad said sure so he came over. Well needless to say the neighbors (him) mom came to the rescue with tuna sandwiches after the hockey puck (pizza) came from the oven. LOL So embarrassing!! Later he became my boyfriend, so I guess the unable tocook didn't matter much.
@cutieweii (374)
• Malaysia
19 Aug 08 fun! I like your mom's Frankly, when I was dating with my husband, most of the time he spoke politely to my parents and so did my parents. That didn't mean my parents dislike him, they like his maturity and steady personality. I mean, I was grown up in a serious family, so never have such fun or silly things that took space in my memory. As far as I can remembered the times when we laughed our head off until cannot speak was during my childhood...when I stayed with my grandparents during school breaks. That was a great time where me and my cousins always laughing until being scolded by my uncle. LOL
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@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
20 Aug 08
I can't for the life of me think of any stories like this but I seldom brough my boyfriends around my parents, just to meet them and that was it - daddy was a drunk and embarrased me too much. Your story though is priceless and I will be laughing for days thinking and picturing this in my head - thank you so very much for sharing this with us, I for one needed a good laugh :)