Does anyone read the Faqs and guidelines?

August 20, 2008 11:14am CST
Be honest, this isn't a bashing discussion, I am just curious to see how many take the time to read those. I am the type when I first start any new site, it's the very first thing I do, sometimes if possible I read them before I even join. But that's just me. So do you read them and if so when and if not why not? No wrong or right answers, just opinions so be honest, I won't bite you. [b] Thanks in advance. I read all but may not reply to all.[/b]
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@poona_m (336)
• India
20 Aug 08
I make it a point to visit the FAQs and the guidelines every once in a while on mylot. I have come to know the guidelines go slight modifications every now and then as the administrators find something wrong with the way rules are being bent. I am glad the administrators are showing interest in making sure the users do not cross the limit. And I believe its our responsibility to be aware about the guidelines on any site that we are part of so that we do not happen to violate any terms of services.
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20 Aug 08
That is how I feel for myself, that's it's my responsibility to find and read the guidelines for any site. I mean they did put them there for me to read, and many site won't accept any excuse for you breaking the rules including you didn't know. Thanks for sharing