What's wrong with believing in things?

United States
August 20, 2008 2:32pm CST
I am constantly critical of anything and everything. I keep a lot of it to myself though, because I see no harm in others having beliefs and opinions. Religion, for instance, is something I would never try to talk someone out of... most religions cause no harm, and they provide great comfort to those who believe in it. I hear people challenge others on their beliefs for no reason; why challenge someone on the existence of heaven? Does it give you great comfort to make someone else feel hopeless? Really, why? I believe in Megalodon. I have no proof that Megalodon exists, and I have no proof that it doesn't. I don't know why I want Megalodon in my oceans, but I enjoy the thought of this gigantic creature roaming the waters. And if you want to believe in aliens, or bigfoot, or whatever, that's fine by me! So what are some things that you irrationally believe in? And has anyone ever challenged you on it?
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• India
22 Aug 08
I recently came across a discussion in which the user was asking others whether they believed in hell. I read a couple of answers to this post, and the discussion starter's responses to it. It is quite obvious that the person strongly believes in hell and refuses to accept or even acknowledge any alternative. In case of such a strong belief in hell, why start a discussion to know whether others believe, if you are only going to contradict everything they say and try to convince them of your beliefs. I see no sense in it. It is one thing to start a discussion with a genuine intention of knowing. If I am curious to know why people believe in hell so much, I might start a discussion asking them. But I sure won't try to convert them to the way I think. To come back to your question, I have no irrational beliefs. Right now, I am the most rational person on earth. However, I did have an irrational belief about the Christian god till recently. Cheers and happy mylotting
• United States
22 Aug 08
Those posts irritate me as well! I came across one a while ago asking what people thought of incest, and I put in a really thoughtful reply, only to get a really snarky reply! Well then, why ask? I am like you, I ask a question with the hope of getting different answers! I have to admit, I'm curious what your "irrational beliefs" were! Thanks for the reply!
@sataness (321)
20 Aug 08
It's not about cha;llenging someone on their beliefs and making them feel hopeless it's the way we explore through curiosity what basis the people have for their religion... hence the words: debate, open-minded, curiosity, inspiration, doubt, beliefs etc. How would people convert to being religious without someone talking to them about the beliefs and being informed? And how would someone change from something they were made to believe in if they are not challenged? Its not about religion per se it's the continuous fascination of what it entails tht causes debates. Lol without talking about it how can we discover what we ourselves believe in? I believe we are in heaven and hell and that if God and hell actually existed then everyone would go to hell. Because we all murder with every step we take. I got challenged in class and the girl said... the nuns at her school said that that commandment only applied to humans.
• United States
21 Aug 08
I really like your response, and its something I totally agree with! I never mind a response to an invitation to discuss, but do you know anybody in your life that forces these conversations without invitation? Those are the people that drive me crazy! Like someone who feels compelled to explain to children their own beliefs about Santa Claus. Thanks, great reply!