what was the reason for DaVinci code's success

August 22, 2008 2:04pm CST
We all know how Dan Brown's 'DaVinci code'took the world by surprise,breaking all the existing records.Dan Brown style of writing stuffed with historical facts make this book the alltime's bestseller.Eventhough similarity is found in his other work 'Angels and Demons'it failed to impress the way the former did.It is because in Davinci code from the beginning to the end it was acceptable to the human senses,whereas in the case of 'Angels and Demons' the climax let the fiss go.
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@lrglara (1343)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
Maybe because "The Da Vinci Code" made all Christians question their age-old belief. the Da Vinci code had been researched well, i think. people who read the DaVinci code kept asking questions regarding the doctrines of all Christian Denominations, most especially the Catholic Church. i always tell my friends and anyone who wants to read it that the Da Vinci Code is not for the fainted heart. if you're not sure of your faith, don't read the book. if you ever read the book, don't take it seriously. I mean, its FICTION! as for Angels and Demons, its mainly technological advances and everyone knows that technology has been advancing rapidly. it doesn't have that much impact. eventhough, both books have common villain, the Catholic Church.
@lannav (75)
3 Sep 08
nd the holy blood, holy grail actually features in the Da Vinci code as a book published in the earl 80's that presented the idea. Teabing uses it as an example when explaining the theory of the hol blood line to Sophie. I think Brown was inspired by the hole thing and how could he not be.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
28 Oct 10
This is a great one of browns, suspense and mistery. I like all his collections and its highly fictious.
@lannav (75)
3 Sep 08
I think it was because of the title 'Da vinci Code' as alot of people are intrigued by Da Vinci. Also because there was such a large amount of publicity surrounding the book. It was banned in some countries and there were protests about it and members of the vatican asked people not to read it. Al of this lead to alot of hype and those people who hadn't read it and are not usuall into this type of book felt they needed to read it to see what everyone was talking about. It also deals with the fact that Jesus might have been married and left a royal blood line, there might be a descendant of Jesus walking around somewhere. I know most of the book is based on facts that people could have read in other books that have been around for a while but this book linked it all up and even claimed some of it was actual fact. It made sense to some and made others angry but it got them all talking about the book and therefor got people reading it.
• India
31 Aug 08
I completely agree with you on angels and demons the end was horrible. But as far as success of da vinci is considered . The story was certainly intriguing. I am not a christian so no problems at that front. Secondly it was contraversy i suppose. You know people have a sense that oh lets check out whats that wrong or contraversial . This them increases exponentially upto certain level . By then book's hit but at times i do feel that there might be some truth(sometimes one of many probablities) along with exceptional story, atleast thats why it was recommended by many
• Sri Lanka
25 Aug 08
I personally think that the best book is Angels & Demons. But DVC is based on true evidences and one cannot say that it is not true when you read. Also Dan Brown is capable of maintaining excitement from the first page to the last page of the book. I think it was successful because it was sort of controversial.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
23 Aug 08
I have read the Dan Browns book The Da Vinci Code and found it rather lacking. I found it to be a lot like the crime novels like the dime mystery novels of the 50s. And as far as his so called facts they are all bogus as you would find by doing a search on the net. Hec really didn't do a very good search on them. Heres a place to start. http://www.aquinasonline.com/da-vinci/index.htm