August 22, 2008 4:55pm CST
have u guys been atching the olympics since it started?trust me i only watch it a few times but this morning i had 2 tune in when i heard jamaica won.man GOLD all the way.nyways what do you think about other country being byass abt it the fact Jamica is winning do you think it unfair with their behaviour by not showing the event in certain countries??
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• Canada
22 Aug 08
I have watched sparse coverage of the Olympics though I have never much been a fan of sports. What strikes me is pride for the athletes representing my country. Such bold and remarkable talent, such hard work. I am not keeping a medal count but am holding a devout reverence for these superbly talented athletes. I think that all countries should be able to access the Olympic Games particularly if the country is participating. It is censorship to ban coverage of the games, in my opinion. The Olympics are a world class event and deserve a world class audience.
• Jamaica
22 Aug 08
i most certainly agree