Your Kindergarten Days: Fond and Funny Memories

August 25, 2008 2:59am CST
I was playing with my two year old, Sami when all of a sudden he bit my arm. All of a sudden a flood of memories came rushing back to me... I was in kindergarten, playing after class. Patrick, a classmate grabbed a puzzle toy from me and i suddenly bit his arm. He did not cry nor said a word. I knew it was very painful because he turned all red. He was shocked because i was more of a gentle spirit as a child. I didn't know where that came from. Even my mother told me i was not violent nor aggressive as a child. Anyhow, when my father came to pick me up, PAtrick just stared blankly at me...after i kissed his cheek and said goodbye. There are other things i also remember: 1. Drawing and coloring my first eggplant, i was first to finish and the teacher showed it to the entire class as an example because it looked really nice (today, i cannot even draw a fish!) 2. Playing "My Bonnie" in the piano while the entire class sang along 3. Winning a game on Putting on Clothes (How well and fast can you do it) 4. Holding a teacher's stick, pointing it to each three letter word (like "dog", "cat", "bed", "sad", etc.)o written on the board and reading it aloud to the class as they follow. 5. I was a narrator of The Christmas Story and i got lost inside the pleats of a very thick stage curtain, i almost suffocated trying to find my way out. I could hear voices of people in the backstage but i couldn't see them. I was so scared! What are your experiences during kindergarten?
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@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
25 Aug 08
Wow, I am just amazed how well you remembered all these cute past. During my kindergarten days, I just remeber tootsie roll and sour balls, those were my favorites, I have speciallove for tootsie rolls( those really big ones), I miss eating them, how i wish I can eat tootsie rolls, but I dont think they are still available in stores or even in malls. Have a nice day pinks, its really nice to see you here.