Batch 1 of the plums given to me are done. They perked up in taste and were more

@writersedge (22579)
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August 25, 2008 8:17am CST
like plums after I put the sugar in. The recipe on sure-jell called for 8 cups of sugar for every 6 cups of plums. Before it cooked down, it wasn't bad, but after it cooked down, was it ever sweet! Wow! The color is candy apple red and I didn't use any food coloring. The red plum jam came out so red that it tooks like I added food coloring, but I didn't. There must be a lot of pigment in the peels. I stirred using a whisk. Kept things from sticking to the bottom, but not to the whisk! One of the brand new lids I bought was already dented, just bought it last night. Also bought 2 boxes of sure-jell and there was a coupon next to the display. Buy two of them and get sugar, up to 2 dollars, free. So I bought some sugar, too. so have you learned anything interesting while canning like I did with a whisk? Have you seen the offer for free sugar or any other offers? That offer I saw at Hannafords. So do you make jelly, jam, or conserves? Have you ever made plum jelly or jam? The last time was when I was a kid. We had a bushel of purple northern plums in our back yard ( a horrible disease got to the trees). My Mom was alive and I mostly helped. These red ones are news to me. Didn't know red ones could grow up here, but my husband said they came from some guy's back yard. I wish I could find my Mom's recipes. She had 4. We made 4 batches from that bushel. The last recipe was the best. It had nuts in it. Have you ever had nuts in a recipe for jam or jelly or anything else? If you have never made jams or jellies, have you ever tasted homemade jams and jellies? Of the homemade jams and jellies that you've tasted, what are your favorites? Mine is strawberry rhubard jam. That's my favorite. I may throw some nuts in the next batch just to try it. But I would rather find a recipe to make sure I have the right proportions so I don't ruin a batch. So if you do make sweet spreads, when is the last time you made some? If you don't when's the last time you tasted someone elses?
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@PearlGrace (3172)
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25 Aug 08
Hey writersedge. It sure sounds like you've been busy with all that jelly and jam-making! That is very impressive. I have made jellies and jams before, but it was probably about 30 years ago. I remember making strawberry jam and jelly. Never did anything with plums though. My husband is quite the jelly lover, particularly pecan jelly. We found this woman in TN, I think it is, that makes a pecan jelly that he just loves. We actually mail-order it by the case. Isn't that silly? I don't think I've ever tasted it as I eat bread with nothing on it with my meals. My sister in TN just put up 23 pints of applesauce this past week, which I think is alot of applesauce! A neighbor gave her a bushel or 2 of apples. Well, you are to be commended for all of your energy for getting all this canning and jelly-making done.
@writersedge (22579)
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26 Aug 08
W0w! 23 pints of applesauce! I've heard of that much in apple butter, but apple sauce, wow! Pecan jelly, that sounds interesting and good! Thank you for the commendation, I think I need it. The plums were as challenging as the apples were.