Do you believe that there is no mean people they are just threatened that is wh?

August 25, 2008 9:00am CST
I personally believe that no person really wanted to be mean or born mean to other. A person is just being mean because they are just threatened thats why they are reacted that way. Like for example in the office if someone tries to get into our ways affecting our performance in our work we become selfish and we act by being mean . What do you think?
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• India
25 Aug 08
I agreed u but nt totally,I too had faced many persons who left me bcoz they got their worked they have no use to stay with me. mostly enjoyed to hurt is full of MEANS
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@bamakelly (5194)
• United States
25 Aug 08
I do see where you are coming from here. However I usually get back to the concept that it is all about our attitude toward people. As individuals we need to learn that we have control over certain things. People can act a certain way and treat us in a certain manner. But we just have to execute our attitude toward them in a certain way. Remember people can't control how you will react to them. They might just have issues and in my experience these people can take their anger out on the wrong people. It is easy to take things personally though from what I have experienced in life.