How hyper is yours?

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August 25, 2008 11:37am CST
Zeus,my little mini pin is 5 months old. I know he is still a pup. He is so hyper.He will run from one end of my house to the other just for fun.As soon as you think it is safe to get up and not step on him he is back at your feet. He jumps 2 and a half feet off the floor,and doesn't need help getting on the bed or couch anymore.His teeth keep getiing sharper.When we walk through the door,after taking out trash,he jumps and cries like he hasn't seen us in hours.Does yours do this?How long will the hyperness last?
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24 Jan 09
We have four dog two mini pins, one jack russal mini pin mix and a rottweiler. one of the mini pins is very hyper and talks all the time. it is funny to see him and the rottwiler play the pin is so active and jumping with teeth a going. the rott luckly just plays. the rott will even let the pin walk on him,eat be side him or any thing. it is funny to see the small one trying to push the big man around.they are menbers of our faimly and don't know they are dogs. i am new to my lot and when i can i will sent you a picture.
@rusty2rusty (6767)
• Defiance, Ohio
14 Dec 08
Yes, both my miniature pinschers are hyper. I have a 3 yr old male and a 6 yr old female. Just get a ball and teach your pup to chase it. That way you can play with your pup and help get his excerises out.