Where do people out cigarettes when there's no ash tray ?

@Bluepatch (2480)
Trinidad And Tobago
August 25, 2008 4:51pm CST
Have you seen people put out cigarettes when there's no ashtray ? Where do they out them ? Have you noticed this ?
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@breepeace (3027)
• Canada
5 Oct 09
I'm assuming you mean when you're inside a house as opposed to standing outdoors where you could put them out on the ground? I don't smoke inside my house, but when I used to I put them out in a toilet or a sink. Failing that, using an aluminum can or glass bottle usually worked ok. That's what I use in a vehicle with no ashtray.
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
10 Nov 08
Hey , They do what ever they can with them . Step on them , or flick it out of the car ya know . I have seen it all . My brother when he use to smoke he would put in a pop can or someting like that .
• United States
7 Nov 08
I've mostly seen people flick them any old play, away from people of course. I freak out about potentially starting fires because I'm crazy, so I usually spit and put it out in that (gross, sorry) and then no worries about throwing it in the garbage bin.