don't you think that now a days we are killing the planet?

global warming - a photo of the earth on fire
United States
August 25, 2008 8:11pm CST
I love technology, but I also lve the planet and think that becouse we use television, xbox, wii, computer, etc. we are destroying it? I say, why dont we use solar, wind, termal, etc. energy! We know it exists, we also know how it works! And instead, we destroy the planet by using non-renewable energies! This type of thing makes me mad. if you have any ideas on how the planet can still be saved, please post them here. I have one, we could start using these re-newable energies and cover the roofs of houses with solar panels, so that we can provide ourselves with the energy needed.
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@chinniR (661)
• India
6 Sep 08
hey julian. the growing technologies are affecting the planet drastically. even the small developements are playing a huge role in the planets destruction. it is said that a gas named CFC is released from the refrigerators which is one of the main cause for the ozone layer depletion. the usage of renewable energy is a good idea by which the effect can come down
• United States
6 Sep 08
there is a great way to stop that! (well not actually like stop it but...) scientists know a way to make ozone (o3) (oxygen is o2) so if they know how to make it, why doen't they make it and make a new ozone layer!
@dexterous21 (1180)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
I agree with you. I always discuss this topic to my students. We could be responsible of our waste. We should not be throwing them anywhere. Those people who drives their cars, they should be responsible not to cause air pollution. Smoke belching is a big contribution for air pollution.
• United States
6 Sep 08
also, just the other day i sa a documental on space ships nd a new way to launch them (magnetism) that doesn't waste any fuel at all, so i dont know if it is a good idea or not, but i think we should send our trash to another planet (and bring the space ship back) instead of burning it and causing global warming.