Whackos, Perverts and Sickos, Please Leave Me Alone!

United States
August 26, 2008 9:41am CST
Why do all these weirdos, sickos, and perverts keep getting my messenger addys? Lately, whenever I receive a request from someone to add them to my messenger, it is seldom ever a normal person. It always has to be some weirdo or pervert! A while back I got a request from someone and accepted. This person IM'ed me and said hello. I said hello back and then this person sent a request for me to start viewing his webcam. At the time my messenger was set up to automatically accept such request, so his webcam starts up and the next thing I know....My computer screen is filled with the image of this whacko jerking off for the cam! And this was the very first, (and only time as he was instantly blocked and deleted), that this guy spoke to me! We didn't even know each other! A couple weeks ago I got an request from someone else to be added to my messenger. I accepted it and the very first, and once again, only message I received from this person, (as they were also instantly blocked and deleted), was, "Hello, I'm a hot lesbian. Can I see your b00bs?"...Now I have nothing against gays or lesbians, however I'm not one and more importantly, I really doubt that the person who sent me that message was either! It was most likely some perverted guy hoping to get lucky! Then a couple days ago I accepted a request from someone else, who calls themselves 'lola', to add them to my messenger. "lola", sent no messages until today, and that convo went as follows: lola: i am looking for the game friend me: game friend?lola: yes lola: you friend become lola: you friend become lola: you will love me me: sure but i don't play games on the computer, I'm usually to busy doing other things. lola: you rule what me: rule? i don't rule anything lola: you own show me me: what do you want me to show you?lola: yes lola: because i am wondering you lola: send me the photograph lola: yes?me: i don't have one lola: are you the woman?lola: hair color?me: yes me: red lola: i want to manage you lola: you wanted this me: if you mean, marry, i am already married lola: with me go to bed want lola: My instrument big lola: do you like lola: do you want to lick .............OOOOOKKKKKKK.........as you can see, aside from the fact that he doesn't seem to know English very well, yet another freaking whacko pervert!I wish all the weirdos and perverts would stop sending me add request for my messenger! So anyways, what about all of you? When someone finds your messenger addy at random and sends you an add request, when you accept does it often turn out to be someone normal that you may actually talk to once in a while, or is it often some strange individual? When you get a person that seems a bit off or weird, do you delete and/or block them right away? Or do you continue to send messages back just to mess with their minds? What's the weirdest sort of convo you'd ever had from a stranger on messenger?
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