Who is Satan / Lucifer?

August 26, 2008 10:20am CST
I just thought about it few hours ago. Where in the world did he came from? Is he mentioned in the Bible and explained how did he appered? Is Lucifer one of Jesus Christ's apostles turned bad, or was it just Judas alone? FYI for those who does not know. I am born as a Roman Catholic, yup, both parents are Roman Catholic, so I am born to be one. But, I dont read Bible, well before I do but not anymore. And I dont go to church, I have church questions that I dont get answers and that makes me do not go to Church. And this is not the issue, so please dont ask me why I dont go to Church. I just had the question. This question is just a question that came up in my mind. I do not mean to offend other religion because I respect other people's belief and religion. And please no fighting with religion stuffs. I dont want to read fights on what they believe, like opposing to what one mylotter says just because one does not believe it. Just answer the question on what you believe or read or something.
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@jillbeth (2711)
• United States
26 Aug 08
I am not a theologian but I am a Christian, and this is what I understand of Satan: He was an angel, perhaps the most influential angel, but he got arrogant and decided he wanted to be God. About 1/3 of the angels were on his side, and God banished the whole lot of them from Heaven and gave them the earth as their playground. Lucifer himself is not on the earth, he is bound up somewhere, but the angels who were banished are the demons we fight now on earth, and do Satan's evil work for him. So now the earth is a moral playground with Satan on one side and Jesus on the other. We are all free to choose whom we will follow. As far as your remark about being "born" to be a Roman Catholic, please know that denominations were created by man, not God, and there will be no denominations in Heaven. I would encourage you to check out different churches in your area and just keep trying until you find one that is non-judgemental, where the other members make you feel welcome, and where you can grow spiritually. Get into a Bible study class so you can discover answers for yourself! Best wishes.
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
uhmmm... about the me being "born" to be Roman Catholic. What I meant is, my parents are both Roman Catholics, so I was baptized as one. Sorry, I think "born" is not the exact word to use to tell what I meant. You know just the usual, brought up with the beliefs of Roman Catholics. Just like that. Anyway, I am welcome to our church and they are nice to me and I like them, I just have questions. And trying to find a non-judgemental church/religion wont help because, well, that will make me question them too. I think I have a very complicated questions. But thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it. Really. :)
@mythociate (15942)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
17 Jan 11
In the book of Isaiah, he talks about how Lucifer (the archangel, lit. "Light-Bringer") 'got too high' thinking "I do all this great stuff while God does nothing! I'd be a way-better god than God!" And God proved him wrong, striking him down when Lucifer became a satan ("Adversary") and thus locked himself out of Heaven. 'proved him wrong,' that is to say "is proving him wrong"; as satan still thinks he can oust God and become the greater god, so God has to continue providing evidence against that ... summarily, He has to 'keep on being God.'
• Philippines
6 Jul 10
I certainly do not believe that Satan and Lucifer are one and the same. There is no biblical foundation to this. Lucifer is the Light Bearer. His ministry is to bring enlightenment, progress and so on. However, because of his pride, he was cast out of heaven. He roamed the earth, manifested in the flesh and even became a King of Babel/Babylon (Ezekiel 28:12-20). He did things to become the equal of God. He initiated the building of the Tower of Babel. Because of his ability to unite men to do his purpose, he was never allowed to take the human form anymore. Satan, based on research is the twin of Lucifer.
• Philippines
6 Sep 08
thanks for the honesty.. and i hope that i will not sound as offensive to you.. let me share this with the knowlege that i also gained by studying the Bible and my walk with God.. it was said that Lucifer is the snake in the garden.. remember adam and eve and the snake?.. but before it happened, there was a battle in the heavens.. the battle between the army of God and Lucifer and his army.. and they lost. they were thrown out here on earth.. and so Lucifer has the power still. and so he temp the people whom God created.. but that was just with some others point of view.. and yeah, Lucifer is true and real. he is in the Bible. he used to lead the praise and worship team in the heavens.. he was so handsome and beautifull.. he is actually the leader.. but then he got envy of the majesty and the power and the honor that God Himself has. so he desire power and wanted God's. so there was a battle.. try reading Ezekiel in the Bible.. and then the Revelations.. you will see there. and try to review my discussions, i have lots which will help you see Jesus instead of Religion. happy mylotting!
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
26 Aug 08
The word 'Satan' is the Hebrew transliteration of the word 'Adversary.' Therefore, Satan is the one who opposes God. Satan, is the most powerful of the fallen angels. Satan, also known as Lucifer and the Devil, is said to be the one who entered the Garden of Eden and convinced Eve to disobey God. There is debate among scholars regarding the time of the fall of Satan. Some say that he fell when he moved Eve to disobey God. Others state that Satan fell sometime before that and merely manifested his adversarial nature in the Garden. Still others say that there was a great battle in heaven long before the Garden of Eden and that Satan took one third of the angels with him.