Making the wind reliable?

@speakeasy (4215)
United States
August 26, 2008 12:10pm CST
One of the main drawbacks to wind power is that the wind is not reliable. It could be only a gentle breeze of 5 mph or more gusty at 30 mph or even higher. Trying to store excess energy from high wind days to use on calm days has always been a major problem with wind power becoming a major energy source. But, someone got smart and started looking at it the opposiste way. Instead of storing the electricity; why not store the wind? We already have the technology and we even have storage facilities! There is now a plan going forward to look at storing the wind (air) in large caves and mines as "compressed air" and then using the compressed air to turn the wind turbines and produce energy on demand. So, when the wind is not strong enough, just start releasing the compressed air to generate the needed electricity. Many locations around the world have abandoned mines and/or huge caves that can easily be converted to this purpose. This is a non-polluting way to supplement air power and it is a renewable source of energy - you just add more air on the windy days or days when electrical demand is low. Here is a link the the story about this proposal - It seems so simple once you look at it from a slightly different prospective - if it is difficult, expensive and even hazardous to store the output and the source is unreliable you need to find a way to increase reliabilty of the source.
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@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
13 May 11
Good on you for giving sustainable, renewable & eco-friendly energy generation some serious thought. That's quite innovative & it gets to the core of the problem. It's certainly a different way of looking at the problem. Currently, solar grid connect systems like some have on their homes, have very poor efficiency due to massive losses at just about every point of the system. Similar sized & cost equivalent wind power systems are much worse, operating at about half the efficiency of PV solar again. Maybe we shouldn't dismiss wind power just yet, especially in light of your findings, but it is so incredibly expensive to set up & the returns in power into the actual end load are so poor that it does not justify creating either of these systems in their current forms. It has been estimated that the heavily subsidized PV solar grid connect systems on households here will take about 25 years just to break even! Not only is it expensive, but the manufacturing processes of both systems is extremely environmentally unfriendly (generates significant amounts of greenhouse gasses too) & is wasteful at the manufacturing stage & to get the complete system set up as well. It has already been calculated that if all the world's deserts were covered in these solar arrays, there would still not be anywhere near enough power available to meet demand. But we do need to become self-sufficient again. We have relied too heavily on centralized power generation systems for far too long. We need to take responsibility, personally, for supplying our own energy on a "per-household" basis & not exceed the extent that we can supply by the demands we make. Radiant energy, like Tesla used in his Colorado Springs experiments before 1900, will recharge batteries extremely fast & make the battery "better than brand new" with an even greater capacity & make each battery last forever (I am not kidding!). Tesla's work has been carried on these days since the 1970's by Tom Bearden, John Bedini & a few others. My discussion will give you all the links you need. You can build this from Junk box parts for near-nothing & have full, free online support from many others who have already built & tested a working unit thoroughly. Building your own unit is free, as is joining the yahoo group with full free 24/7 support available, as it is by those who have built & tested their own working prototypes. John Bedini has built his first one in 1984 & it's still running 24/7 as good as ever & maintenance-free. This is real over-unity stuff that you will prove to yourself. Numerous others have been built over the years & have been shown at the Free Energy Convention just held in the USA (there's another even bigger one on the cards for July). Check all the links & comment if you wish :