how do you view nurses in you area?

nurse - nursing is a profession that is of service to people
August 27, 2008 9:58am CST
the nursing profession has really bloomed now a days. a lot of teens are taking up the course, and a lot of school are offering the course due to high demands of the profession. its true that nurses do get high pays. how do you view the nurses in your area?
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@spalladino (17925)
• United States
27 Aug 08
My husband has been hospitalized twice, once for triple bypass surgery following a heart attack and a few months ago for surgery to clear a blocked carotid artery in his neck. Each time he was there the nurses who cared for him CARED for him. He was not happy to be where he was, he was in a lot of pain following his first surgery, and those nurses made all the difference in the world to him. Their kindness and attention made the experience a little less difficult for both of us so I have the highest regard for nurses.
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• Philippines
1 Nov 08
Being a nurse, we are privileged to actually take care of the lives - of the creations of God. Therefore, we must strive to do our very best in order to fulfill our duties as part of our profession, of our vocation, and of our "calling".
@tidgea (355)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
Indeed, Nursing is such a selfless profession for you care for other people. Your work circles around your patient and you will offer yourself to them so that they will get well. Nowadays, many are taking up Nursing because they think that it will provide them a great future ahead. Because of the demand of Filipino nurses, many schools are now offering the course which results to the descend of the standards of the Nursing Profession. Nowadays, there are already nurses who cannot find a job here in our country because the number of applicants are increasing while few jobs are available. Also, nurses here in our country are not compensated well that is why most nurses would opt to work abroad to seek greener pastures.
@GardenGerty (100324)
• United States
27 Aug 08
It is an honorable profession, and most of them are very good and helpful. They are dedicated and work long hours. I really respect nurses.