How many cushions do you have at home?

Colourful Cushions - Cushions add to the beauty of any house specially if they are of different colors.
@Rintis (646)
August 28, 2008 2:45am CST
I love cushions and have 12 of them. As I have low and floor seating arrangements at home they come in handy. I love to mix and match them with the colors of my sheets and curtains. I have them of all sizes. They add to the beauty of my house and my house looks different each time I arrange it in different colors, contrast or similar shades. How many cushions do you have at home? Do you love them and do they make your home look lively?
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@jillhill (37383)
• United States
31 Aug 08
If you are talking about floor cushions I only have two. If you are talking about pillows...I have a bunch! On my loveseat and couch I have four....on a little settee I have three....on the two beds I have two each....decorator pillows that is. I do like them....I think they are perfect accents and a wonderful way to bring a touch of color in a room.
@Rintis (646)
• India
1 Sep 08
Yes cushions let you play with colors. You use similar colors and the house looks different, you use contrast colors and they look different again.
@Anne18 (11036)
28 Aug 08
Not many What annoys me about cushions is that on these shows that do your house up they always use cushions in the bedroom on the bed. The last show I watched they had 13!!!! cushions on the bed!!! Ok it looks quite nice, BUT where do you put them when you take them off the bed to go to sleep? This wouldn't work in my house, my husband works night shifts so as I am getting out of bed in the morning he is getting into the bed, and when he gets up in the afternoon the last thing i want to do is go upstairs and arrange cushions on the bed for a couple of hours
@Rintis (646)
• India
1 Sep 08
I have low seating arrangements in my drawing room hence I guess cushions work for me.
@tudors (1556)
• China
18 Feb 09
In my home, there are less than 6 cushions at the moment, 1 was bought by me when I was eating MacDonald last year at the fast food store. The rest are made by my dear mother. She even knitted the cover for each cushion. The colors are different. But this year, if I can spare time decorating my new apartment, I would by more cushions of the same size and patterns so that the room look utinity.