What is your definition of a cult?

@pythia7 (139)
United States
August 28, 2008 9:53am CST
Is a cult just a different belief from yours or is it something else? What do you think it is? Mind control, or could that be said of all religions?
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@Galena (9123)
28 Aug 08
well whoever marked it as "anything against the teachings of Christ" is wrong. certain;ly, in the Early days, Christianity would have been a cult. a religion or centered around one person, with other people showing devotion to that person. I am fed up of hearing people describe my own religion as a cult, when that is, factually, not the case at all.
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• United States
5 Sep 08
This is hard because one man's cult is another man's religious group.a definition of a cult is when there is one leader who tells the group what to think and what to do.He/she has a set of rules they Must follow or you are out. See What I mean? All religions have rules you must follow. Some have a lone teacher or leader.
• United States
30 Aug 08
To me, a cult is a religious of philisophical group that is controlled by the dictates of a single person or a very small group of people, rather than apeals to a power above this individual. It has been pointed out that Israel under Moses and the Church under the Apostles both fit these descriptions. A cult isn't a bad thing, by itself. But it can't be any better than the ones leading it. A cult led by a true prophet is good. But the term tends to accumulate a negative connotation due to the fact that there are so many bad cults out there and so few good ones. Like the word germ. There are germs we can't live without, but we tend to use the word negatively because there are only a few good ones, and so many bad ones.
@gem4678 (220)
• United States
29 Aug 08
Even though this is not the definition of a cult I see a cult as any group who practices whether it be by belief or actions or usually both that is not for the wellbeing of those in the group or others. In this I mean groups that actually harm those in there group or others. People or groups who simply believe something a little uncustom or different are not as long as they aren't a danger. Someone who brainwashes a group of people into all killing themselves or allowing the leader to molest there children and things like that are what I call a cult.
@efc872 (1078)
• Jamaica
28 Aug 08
It is a system of religious rites, observances and zealous devotion to a person.