i finally decide to do it and give it my all

United States
August 29, 2008 7:27am CST
well i decides awhile back after taking a online computer test andscoring pretty high to take classes. of course the place i took the test at cost way too much. so i went to our collage here in the county and i am sign up for my class. of course i have to take a few classes before i can take the computer classes i want which is no biggie. i started before and then when i took my placement test and my scores just really sucked i back out. but i kept hearing family and friends tell me i miss my calling for computers. even most of it i have a great friend who tought me and still teach me to work on the computers. and my brother that i end up fixing his when his kids put virus on it. but it so great to hear from people close to me and specaily my wife and kids tell me it's so great you are doing this we are proud of you. i guess all through my life, i never really gave it much thought of doing anything with my life, beside hoping to get a song pick up by someone. so is it too late to improve yourself and your education ?
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