Are you a trapped under the curse??

August 29, 2008 9:24am CST
Everyone has this habits, everyone has this curse under them. Not just me but everyone, well you are rite. We are under the curse of Credit Cards Debts, more and more people falls under the curse of debts. They used their credit cards so like no other people business, and in the end they end up paying and paying. Gosh..... Well it's hard, even kids had credit cards, worst they used they parents money and nver think of how hard thier parents had earn the money. Well we all should learn to plan well for our financial and let our wives or girlfriends to look out for our money, or isit??
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@xanraven (145)
• United States
29 Aug 08
I can honestly say that I only have one credit card but it's not one for general use. It is my Care Credit card used for medical purposes only. It's great for uninsured or people with low incomes. I had to use it to get my teeth done. I had dentures made and It was medically necessary. I knew that I would never come up with 3 grand on my own so I got this card. I pay my regular payments and a little extra. I do agree that kids nowadays do not realize the work ethic. They think money just grows on trees. I also think that parents that give their children credit cards are ignorant. I don't care if my kids are completely trustworthy and working hard I would still never give one to them. I was raised knowing that if I wanted something I had to earn it either working at a place of business or working for family. Nothing was ever given to me. I bought my first truck at 15 when I was working for my dad. I don't necessarily believe that finances should only be the female counterparts responsiblity either. If both parties make and spend the money then it should be both responsibilities. Then there is no room for blame when something comes up in the negative. Wives or g/fs are not mothers to every male they know. We dont want to be. I have two kids that need me. My husband shouldn't depend on just me to make sure we have money. Awesome discussion!!
@Wizzywig (7859)
29 Aug 08
I am in charge of my credit card, it is not in charge of me. If I cant afford to pay for something by the time the credit card bill is due to be paid, I dont buy it. I think retailers and the media try to convince us all that we 'must have' all manner of things that we really dont need but, its up to each of us to take responsibility for our own spending habits.