i need a job!!!!

September 3, 2008 2:50am CST
Guys i'll be resigning from my current job and look for another one and i want to know your opinion about this... Do i have look for the same job that i've been to, which is being a call center representative or looking for a new job that will fit to what i have finished? Guys i need your opinions so please, please, please...
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@sarazeng (221)
• China
7 Sep 08
Hi jelamar! Actually, I am working as a call center representative for almost 3 years already! Since I don't intend to be a customer service supervisor or manager, I will transfer to other dept in our company very soon. It all depends on your interest!! That's my point. Have a nice day!
• Malaysia
3 Sep 08
Why did you resign at the first place when you are so desperately needing a job?
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• Philippines
3 Sep 08
Greetings, well it depends on what you have finished. If your course in college will offer you a sure job then by all means its time to work what you have finished in college. But if it won't be able to give you that (like nurses in the Philippines) then I highly suggest that you don't work what you have finished specially if you need to money. If you ask me you should only pursue a career on the field you have finished (when the probability of getting a job is small) if you don't need the money and you are passionate about your field. Its rare that people finish college on a course that they chose, I hope you are one of the lucky ones.
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@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
It is best to think of resigning when you have a replacement job right away, if there's no particular job right away then don't resign yet. As of now, finding a job is very difficult because most of the companies are not hiring employees because of financial difficulties. If you are looking for a job in line with your degree, I think, you will be disappointed because most jobs right now and opportunities does not fit to everyone's degree. What you need is a right disposition to handle a job, don't look for a specific job fit to your course but look for a job that can make you comfortable and if you are qualified and know to handle the work requirements then go with it.
@yadav8797 (1211)
• India
26 Dec 08
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@jha2x_09 (74)
• Philippines
22 Dec 08
hi... What's your reason why do you want to resign with your current job??? because if you were no longer happy,why are you going to find same job??? what have you done during your college days??? whats your course??? pursue it.. and find a job that is related with your course.. hope this will help you. Happy holidays.............................
@Hatley (164806)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Sep 08
jelamar please oh please do not resign from your current job until you get a new one as the job market is just terrible right now and you dont want to be jobless. so search while you still work where you do, and search for the job that will fit what you have learned,what you really want to do. never quit a job until you have a new one then give notice and you are safe. my son is out of work now for three weeks as he was fired and we are in real need for him to get another job at once. so keep yours until you get a new one.