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United States
September 3, 2008 9:32am CST
Have you ever had a free meal in a restraunt because of the service? My mom and I the other day were eating out at TGI Fridays and her and I both ordered sandwhiches and a order of fries. When we received our food, my mom complained that the fries were cold. My mother never eats cold fries and I don't blame her. So anyway, she informed the waiter that her fries were cold. So the waiter informed us that she would let her supervisor know about the cold fries and bring us some more fries. Well the second plate of fries were still cold. My mom was already getting frustrated. So she once again inform the lady that her fries were cold. So she got a hold of her supervisor. Which then came over promptly and stated that he was so sorry and that it was so unacceptable that even the second plate of fries were cold. He apologized and informed us that he would pay for our sandwhiches and that he would bring whatever we'd like to make us happy. So my mom took a plate of vegetables and believe me this time it was steaming hot. We left the place only paying for our drinks. Has this ever happened to you?
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
I have never experienced that I am not so satisfied with the foods I eat outside whether it's in the restaurant or somewhere. I always got what I want and I am much lucky because what I order will always be delivered to me in the proper state. Like if I want it hot then it's hot. If I want it cold then it's cold. But if the same thing happened to me then i will also complained because it's not right. I always believed that as a customer we have the right to demand the best from the restaurant we have eaten.
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
1 Oct 08
I ate a lot at TGI Fridays and nothing like that had ever happened to me yet. That's just plain unacceptable. They would've had heard something from me for sure lol
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
3 Sep 08
Yes, we always have a free Brunch in the Hotel before when my wife was still on their respective employee and she always bring me in the place they have for free in any of the charge especially during "Ramadan" and if they have a special occasion......
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
3 Sep 08
My husband and I decided one Saturday evening to order something from Chili's. I called the order in, and my husband went to pick it up. When we opened up our meal, you know men do not check anything first. The meal was ice cold. It was not warm, like it had been hot and cooled down by the time he got home, it was actually just like it was taken out of the refrigerator. We heated it up in the microwave, but that is not the point, it should have been sold hot. Well, I went online and filed a complaint with Chili's, they were very apologenic, and sent me two vouchers for thirty dollars each. Our next trip to Chili's was much better, and even better because we had the vochers.